Look for this image in bottom right hand corner of the map.  Zoom using the "+" or "-".  For street view, drag and drop the man on the red map pin.  The map will turn into street view.

Hint for Accuracy:  Center the red map pin and then zoom in - then drop the man on the pin.  A small red map pin will appear in the street view identifying your location.

After zooming in and going to map view, go to full screen.  Image in the upper right hand corner.

In the upper left hand corner, click on the back arrow to return to open house map view.  Click on "View on Google Maps" to go to a larger street view with locations on the bottom bar.  This will open a new browser window. Click on the red pin to go to the Google map view (different than open house map view).

In Google map view there are more options.  Click on the back arrow to return. Click on the map pin for more selections using Google maps.  A map will appear where there will be a picture and directions to drive get to the location. (Remember you are working in a new browser window.)

Use the arrows in the street view to move around.  Also click and drag to move around on the street.  Remember for open house map accuracy zoom in before dropping the man on the pin.

After clicking on "View Google Maps", there is a smaller map in the bottom left hand corner.  This will expand into a larger view.  Zoom in with the "+" and the man will have a shadow showing the view direction.  Rarely will you find an agent including images to see inside the house.  Though the agent will probably have a virtual tour listed on their web site which can be found with the open house listing.

The compass in the bottom right will show direction of view when clicking and dragging.  Use the plus and minus signs to zoom in and out.